We Now Have a Youtube Channel

John Ro Ogden YouTube Channel Please Subscribe

Hi there everyone and welcome to another blog update from The Wavescape Studio.
There has been a lot of things going on behind the scenes here and whilst we have not been updating the blog as much as we had hoped over the winter, we can assure you that we have been very busy.
Life and family issues just got in the way somewhat.

However Spring is well on its way and John is back in the studio and new paintings are being created.
John has also set up his first ever Youtube Channel and we hope that you will all go take a look and subscribe.

Of course there will be lots of arty delights in due course but because John lives in such a beautiful part of the world he wanted the vlogs to show so much more that just art techniques.

So you can look forward to seeing many of the places that inspire him both locally and around the world. You will meet the clients and the people that love John's art and people he meets on his travels. There will be insights into how he sees the world around him and you will get a better understanding of the man himself.

There will be the ups and downs as well as the highs of being an artist and whilst in some peoples eyes he is living the dream, there is always reality too.

So there will be videos on health, food, great places and restaurants to visit, sport especially golf. There will be news and events as seen from a Cornwall life point of view.

Reality is not always idyllic but there will be a lot of beautiful beaches and rugged landscapes to enjoy as well.

There will also be regular question and answer vlogs where you have the opportunity to ask anything about john, his art and the lifestyle here.

So please go subscribe and enter the world of John Ro Ogden