About John Ro Ogden

John Ro Ogden has been a full time artist since 2002 and has traveled the world extensively before finally settling down here in St Ives in 2015.

Born in Bristol in 1965, John well remembers that even as a child he wanted to be an artist, even though life tended to get in the way, as it often does.

Many jobs followed and although necessary at the time they never really fulfilled his ambitions.
So in 2002 he took the plunge to immerse himself in the world of painting.

Although originally specializing in the female form he has always had a passion for the sea. It is this and his love for the beaches and the rugged coastline of Cornwall that has pulled him and his family here to St Ives to establish themselves within the local artistic community.

in 2015 John decided to create a wavescape painting in his own style and due to the enormous amount of positive feedback from his fans on various social media and from collectors of his previous work, it seems that he had finally found the niche he had always been searching for.

As John himself explains...
"I was once told to paint what I loved and what could be better than capturing the ever changing emotions of the sea. My favourite pastime apart from my art is flying kites on a beach or walking by the waters edge and listening to the sound of the waves as they wash up onto the sand. For me the perfect place to live, work and play has to have the sound of the sea within earshot."


For more information regarding John's wavescape art and indeed for any of his figurative and fantasy work please use the form on the Contact page.
Private Commission start from £750 and Limited Edition Prints of a number of John's paintings are also available.

John also uses social media extensively and so can be found via